Neck Lift Surgery is a surgical method that provides the removal of aesthetic problems in the neck area. There are anatomical and structural reasons behind the aesthetic problems of the neck region, and surgical correction of the deformed anatomy is essential for their correction. When this anatomy is examined, it should be kept in mind that the neck skin is easily deformed due to its thin structure and causes sagging. In addition, the deformation of the Platisma muscle, which starts in the neck and continues as SMAS on the face, causes negative aesthetic results in the neck. In addition, lubrication in the neck region has negative effects on the anatomy of the neck.

Neck Lift Surgery Preparation and Postoperative Recovery Process

Before the neck lift surgery, your detailed medical history, smoking and drug use are evaluated in detail. It is scientifically accepted data that complications increase in patients who smoke.

Neck lift operations are performed under general anesthesia, require a 1-day hospital stay, and then use a corset. Swelling and bruising after the surgical procedure is an expected situation and will decrease day by day. After 7-10 days of rest, social life is returned.