With age, there are deformations in our entire skin structure. Thanks to the developing technology, many antiaging procedures are emerging and offer non-surgical solutions. At the beginning of these are filling applications that can be applied safely. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are injectable forms of a substance that exists on our skin and is not harmful.

Where Is Filling Used?

Nasolabial lines (lines extending from the edges of the nose to the edges of the lips)

Lines descending from the corners of the lips

Fine lines above the lip

Deep acne and scars

lip plumping

Filling the collapse in detention

Creating a jawline

Cheekbone and cheek definition

Creating a lift effect on the face by restoring the volume lost with age

Lip augmentation: Lips are very important in the face area. Big and thick lips are the dream of all women. While providing this, it is necessary to have lips proportional to the face at all times so that undesirable negative aesthetic results do not occur. It should always be kept in mind that you can have more sexy looking lips while applying lipstick with lower and upper lip applications.


Grooves around the nose and mouth: With age and the effect of gravity, deformations occur on our face. One of the areas where this is seen the earliest is the nasolabial regions. The most effective way to soften these lines, which give the face a tired and old expression, is hyaluronic acid-based filler injections.


Cheeks, temples and lower jaw: With age, the fat tissue in these areas begins to decrease and a volume loss occurs on the face, which accelerates sagging and the volume loss in the cheekbone area, which is the suspension point of the face, becomes more negative. It is possible to preserve the younger volume facial structure with injections to these areas.


Detention Groove: It is a very controlled process. In this filling process, which is done with the help of cannula using thin fillings, small touches to the right plan reveal results that make a difference.


A more balanced chin: As the age progresses, the chin also gets smaller, almost receding. In some people, the most practical application for the chin, which has this structure from birth, is filler injections.

Effect of Filling Applications Result

It manifests itself as soon as the procedure is performed, but as the water holding capacity increases over time, its effect increases even more. Depending on the molecular weight of the filler used, it has a duration of action of 9-1 months.

How Long Does the Filling Application Take?

Filling takes between 15 and 30 minutes. You can continue your daily life immediately after the application. There may be minor redness.