The chin is an important part of the face area. With chin aesthetic applications, it is aimed to create chin contours that look more beautiful than the profile that is more compatible with the profile of the face. . Although it is usually planned with rhinoplasty, procedures are also performed alone.

In chin aesthetics, problems related to the chin tip being forward or backward and the height of the chin tip are eliminated.

Chin Aesthetic Candidates

Çene estetiği; düzleşmiş çene, çene kayması veya çene asimetrisini düzeltebilir. Sağlık sorunu olmayan, aktif hastalığı olmayan herkese uygulanabilir. Yüz özelliklerine kıyasla çok küçük ve geride duran bir çene, burnun uzun ve alın bölgesinin önde görünmesini neden olabilir. Genellikle küçük veya geride çene yapısına sahip bir hastanın yüz oranını dengelemek için çene dolguları, yağ enjeksiyonları veya implantları kullanabilir

Is There Any Scar After Jaw Aesthetics?

Since surgery in chin aesthetics is usually performed through the mouth, there is no visible scar. In some patients, when this technique is not suitable, scars in the form of thin lines remain under the chin and become indistinct in 1 year.

Before Chin Aesthetics

Jaw aesthetic surgeries are rarely performed alone and are usually encountered in combined procedures. Since it is performed with general anesthesia, the procedure that should be applied before each general anesthesia is also valid in this procedure. Necessary blood tests must be done. The patient should stay away from blood thinners and foods 10 days before. If he is a smoker, he should quit 2-3 weeks beforehand. The patient stays in the hospital for 1 day.

After Jaw Aesthetics

Patients are required to stay in the hospital for 1 day after anesthesia. There are mild pains due to the procedure and this process is very comfortable with painkillers. It is possible to return to social life after resting for a few days. After a few weeks, the swelling and edema regress and the contours become more visible.